Tim Rifat Scam

Government agents have libelled and slandered Tim Rifat as being a scam artist. This is defamation and legally prosecutable, so all outragous bloggers beware as:- all products and Services are fully Trademarked and recognised by the British Government: Intellectual Property Office: given the full seal of approval by law, which is applicable world wide: All counterfitors and criminals selling goods and Services in the same categories as any of Psi-Lord Ltd's range are legally con artists and scam artists. These are the libellers and slanderers that have tried to defame me. For example Life Tech.org sold psychotronic Generators® even thought Trademarked by Psi-Lord Ltd, until threatened with prosecution - these are the real scam artists: Tim Rifat does not hace a Twitter page, Facebook page... So all the so called Tim Rifat's using my material are scam artists, probably MI5, NSA, CIA, FBI... My face is on RVScience.com so check to see the real me not a fat paedophile MI5... scam artist trying to impersonate me like Paul Hughes Barlow aka Graham Nickells...

The Trademarks held are:-

Vampires®, Vampire® for: crystals, health, jewellery, physic consultancy
Real Vampire®, Real Vampires® for: crystals, health, jewellery, physic consultancy
Supernatural Spirit® for: crystals, health, jewellery, physic consultancy
Mind over Matter® for: crystals, health, jewellery, physic consultancy
Psychotronic Generators®, Psychotronic Generator®
Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Crystal®
Psychotronic Crystalware® for: crystals, health, computer applications, physic consultancy
Sublime Good® for: crystals, health, psychic consultancy
Bone Generators®, Bone Generator® for psychic consultancy
Supernatural Spirits®for psychic consultancy

As you can see our complete range is covered so any overlap with other companies is non existant. Psi-Lord Ltd is the only legal player in Supernatural Spirit(s), Mind Over Matter, Vampires, Real Vampires...

The Company is registered in Cyprus (EU), uses Paypal that does not allow scam artists and is fully compliant with all EU regulations. In fact we are the only multinational Company in the psychic field of consultancy that is fully legal, all the other companies are illegal, con artists or non co,mpliant with EU law, they are the scam artists. Be safe buy only from, Psi-Lord Ltd, the only Trademarked multinational Psi Corporation, where all the products are government approved. Avoid scams only buy from Psi-Lord Ltd, Supernatural Spirit.com, Mind Over Matter.ru


Psychic Powers

Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Tim Rifat Bone Generator
Paranormal Spirit


This site is dedicated to mainstream commercial interests such as making loads of money, looking fit, staying young and having alpha male (Female) dominance, power conferred on you.   As these rental service are for the high achiever rather than the professional Psi-Master, market forces dictate that their cost is much higher.   Success in business, the markets and media coupled with health, delayed onset of ageing is the Holy Grail of the overachiever.   All these are available with no real effort on the clients part.   Unlike the Supernatural Spirit.com site you don’t need to be devoted to being a Psi Master, just a millionaire wannabee eager for the good things in life.   Psi-Lord Ltd caters to the A and B category client who want to move up and onward.   The core of our technology is Sublime Good®   Science, the Bone Generators®  and the psychotronic crystals®  all the exclusive property of Psi-Lord Ltd all derived from far future science brought to the past to cater to the needs of an A-list clientele.   We base our business in Moscow because that is the A-list capital of the world having more billionaires than anywhere else – the centre of A list culture.

Remote Viewing Remote Influencing

It is fact that Corporations and the FBI hire remote viewers and                            Influencers now get what only Psi-Lord Ltd can offer


Thought Medicine The ultimate in psychiatric treatment
Thought Weapon The ultimate in thought weapons

These two Thought Bone Generators for the alpha male who wants to get to the top by any means and stay sane in the process as his enemies burn out.


Stupid Bomb Make your enemies criminally stupid so you can walk all over them
Love , Sex and Friendship Get laid, loved and bind colleagues to you
Health Fitness

Get fit by using thought and computer Technology unknown to any but Psi-Lord Ltd (Russian military given military usage of all Psi-Lord Ltd’s  offensive weapons so if you are Western don’t ask!


Trading Use future technology to swing the Stock Market
Business Kill the competition while your business thrives
Stay Young Ultimate fountain of youth future science. Too busy to become Psi-Master now you can have the benefits without the hard work with our rental Services, some are available as Lifetime Services.


Be smart and use Psi-Lord Ltd’s military grade technology to assure your Wealth, Health and youth as well as sex life.  


The goals of all alpha males and females now catered to at the one and only psychic powers for commercial use website.   No arcane theology, our mission statement is you pay, we deliver psychic power technology unavailable to all but our clientele.   As you can see Psi-Lord Ltd’s advanced technology is forbidden to the Pentagon so get one up on the government and use future science they are blocked from using to get younger, richer, healthier and happier.

Psychotronic Crystals®  Amplifier upgrade service to get more for your buck!                                 



Psychotronic Crystals®  Amplifier Upgrade.


Those of you who might like to add devic psychic powers to your rental service to augment and facilitate its fuller completion can have psychotronic crystals®  added to the order.   This enables psychotronic amplification by use of two separate but connected means of psychotronic generation to generate, manipulate the stuff of Mind over Matter, Hyperinfinity, stored in your Bone Generator® .



   Love Sex and Friendship Sublime Good®  Break to Make Bone Generator®  Psychotronic crystals®  $200


   Real Virtual Health/Fitness Sublime Good®  Bone Generator® Psychotronic crystals®  $200


   Anti-Remote Influencing Sublime Good®  Reality Sequestration Bone Generator®  Psychotronic crystals®  $200


   Anti-Remote Viewing Sublime Good®  Bone Generator®  $200


   Short for Long Trading Bone Generator®  Psychotronic Crystals®  $200


   Sublime Good®  My Business Bone Generator®  Psychotronic Crystals®



   Sublime Good®  Anti-Ageing Eternal Youth Inducing Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystals®  $200


    The Psychotronic Crystals®  add more Hyperinfinity!  Only available on Top of $600 Services, to super-potentiate them if you order it separately has no charge as the Bone Generator®  Service is downloaded into the Psychotronic Crystals® .   The Psychotronic Crystals®  amplifier  Up Grade is needed for the doubling required for psychotronic amplification.  


There are no discounts on individual Services from this array.


Professional Psi-Masters want the Services on this site,so you can buy all of them for $6000, and all other discounts apply to this offer so you can add 10 more $600 Services for free and double them up for any friend or family - offers of a lifetime only for Certified Psi-Masters as recognised by Psi-Lord Ltd - you know who you are!