ANTI – REMOTE INFLUENCING SUBLIME GOOD®  reality sequestration Bone Generator®  to give you mind control over market forces and their wage slaves.   The vital component of any mind over matter technology the latest of which is remote influencing is the hyperinfinite Bone Generator®  without which no mind over matter including remote influencing can take place.   As Psi-Lord Ltd controls all Hyperinfinity via Bone Generators®  (See Bone Generator®  Service Supernatural no remote influencing can work unless mandated by us.   So remote influencing of your neighbour can work (unless he is a Bone Psi-Master) but remote influencing China, Russia…to bring in the NWO always fails for ex CIA operatives, that is the US remote influencing business.   Psi-Lord Ltd wishes to put these Western remote influencers and all their students to good use so this rental service turns all these remote influencers in the West into negative hyperinfinite antenna (receivers) for the remote influencing you broadcast using your right hand Bone Generator®  to give mind control energy instruction in the form of negative Hyperinfinity and your left  Bone Generator®  hand to receive the Hyperinfinity to mind control your target and get more powerful using their energy.


The System uses our Sublime Good®  break to make Psi-technology to break the power of all western remote influencing and use this to make your rental service able to remote influence any western target be it to: get a corporation to outsource to you, self destruct, a horse to win a race, quarterback to fumble, the market to sell a bank stock, or not, vote in a madman (take your pick in the US or Europe)… The remote influencers Bones are sucked dry of Hyperinfinity and negative Hyperinfinity is injected by the service so all their mind over matter is negative (has the reverse or self destructive like effect.   By this method Psi-Lord owns all remote influencing.  These remote influencers then act as local broadcast stations for the mind control programme to be pumped into the target: population, corporation, political party, market , business, military…person in the process you get the Hyperinfinity to use to manifest the event, scenario you want by use of remote influencing.   The Psi-Lord exclusive Sublime Good®  technology means you pump your toxic waste into the remote influencers to break them and upload pure Sublime Good®  to make you the remote influencing Bone Psi-Master able to warp, control minds, all the while the ex CIA operatives of the remote influencing industry and their students give you the power to do it and act as near field remote influencing broadcasters to give you 100% broadcast output on the target, as these ex CIA operatives work for the corporations, banks, FBI, markets…to try and use remote influencing for profit.   Now you profit and they burn.   The financial meltdown proves all Western remote influencers are under the sequestration of Psi-Lord (See Anti-dollar Illuminati service on Supernatural


The protocols for mind control remote influencing are on RVScience (yes we give the protocols for free, they are no use without psychotronic crystals®  or better still, Bone Generators®  or the even better Sublime Good ®  remote influencing sequestration Bone Generators® .   The latter is only a rental as such power must be tightly controlled by Psi-Lord Ltd for due diligence.   You use the protocols by broadcasting them with the right hand to the remote influencing firms so they provide the power at the same time broadcasting the remote influencing in near field mode to the targets.   If you want to remotely influence the stock market simply do the above take in the Hyperinfinity with the left Bone Generator®  hand to collapse the total quantum wave function of your remote influencing meme to make it real.   This could be to sell the car, corporation shares, sell gold, buy worthless bank debt, raise rice prices, raise oil prices…all of which benefit the investor who knows what is going to happen.   You can use it in any sporting event to decide the outcome, destroy political parties even if they win the election, get enemies to self destruct, get women to sleep with you, get men to give you lots of money, complete the sale…One can see the Sublime Good®  technology to dump the toxic waste to break your slave remote influencers in the process using the power sequestrated to make your remote influencing power Meister is the core competency of getting your way for someone else’s effort, this is why the Sublime Good®  process is the exclusive property of Psi-Lord Ltd and enables us to control all remote influencing and break all competition to our gain.


$600 with Certificate