Controlling hallucinations and illusions


Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord (Trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) has completely taken over remote viewing so all the western remote viewers only see the mental pictures that are generated for their: delusion, hallucinations and illusory reality that Psi-Lord Ltd uses to  exclude anyone but our company from seeing the world in its reality,  let alone the future.   It is fact that the US remote viewers could not find Osama Bin Laden (dead according to Bhutto revealed on the David Frost Show) or any other Moslem Madman, so we know their remote viewing is blocked, wrong, delusional…      


Psi-Lord Ltd controls all thought weapons and technology giving us Full Spectrum Dominance in all thought manipulations.   Our most powerful technologies have been combined for this rental service to give the:   Serious investor, businessman, sports gambler, power mad alpha male… the ability to plant illusions, images and memes at target people and populations.   This is done by using all the western remote viewing users in the Sublime Good®  break to make mode, negative Bone Generator®  where those remote viewers act as antennae for the broadcast of a sequestration Psychotronic Crystal®  that turns their skeleton into Psychotronic Crystal®  sequestration mode, with your Bone Generators®  getting the Bioparticle Psychotronic Crystals®  control mode.   As the remote viewers of their own free will practice US remote viewing protocols that have been sequestrated by Psi-Lord Ltd for their Hyperinfinity (See Bone Generator®  Service on Supernatural ),  they act as Break nexi with you as the make Nexus.   So as you dump your prepared picture, illusion, delusion, meme into them using the right hand Bone Generator®  to broadcast it to all remote viewers in the West.   These dupes see your image, meme…illusion…self delusion and then act as re-broadcasters of it to the entire US and thence for the Western populations.

The Western remote viewers’ (ex-operatives of the CIA…NSA) Hyperinfinity is sucked out and negative Hyperinfinity injected into them by this service so the remote viewers power this service and of their own free will accept negative Hyperinfinity that forces them to see only illusion, self delusion: negative memes programmed into them by this service.   This can be: gold prices will fall, property prices must rise again, the war on Iran will lead to Rothschild one world government, stock prices can never fall in the long term, the western economy can only grow, China is about to collapse over Tibet, Iraq is conquered so we can steal all its oil, US workers will get $100 per hour, the US is unbeatable in WW111, North Korea will give up all its nuclear programme for a few bags of rice…the list is huge.   The holder of this rental service can spread the delusion, illusion, meme…by use of US remote viewers who then infect the western population with the same delusion…capturing their Hyperinfinity with respect to the delusion…and injecting more negative Hyperinfinity.   To inject negative Hyperinfinity, the targeted delusion…just use the right Bone Generator®  hand.   The Sublime Good®  Quantum Computing Engine in its break to make Good mode will then break the entire US remote viewers, western remote viewers to make your delusion sequestration programme take hold. It can be used  to influence elections, destroy currency values, stocks, shares, corporations…as we all know the financial market is run on thought and Psi-Lord Ltd controls all thought weapons.   One uses this Bone Generator®  Service to spread ideas, memes, delusions, illusions to enrich the Psi-Master or further his geopolitical aims…as the entire  remote viewing community of the West provide the Hyperinfinity and the base stations to rebroadcast your, delusion programme downloaded with the right Bone Generator®  hand and uploading with the left Bone Generator®  the Hyperinfinity to make your illusion spread like wildfire throughout the West, this service gives the Psi-Master the power over illusion.   People, markets, companies act on illusion not reality, the illuminati have been using the power of illusion for millennia.   Now Psi-Lord Ltd give the power on a rental basis to the Psi-Master for fortune, power and political change and enables us to control all remote influencing and break all competition to our gain.                 

$600 with Certificate.