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The  Sublime Good®  process dumps negative energy, Hyperinfinity, love gone bad, broken friendships, wasted sex and impotent lust, unrequited love…on to the Western population, sublimes the Love, Sex and Friendship inherent in the illusion of Westerners (Russia And China excluded from subliming as is Psi-Lord Ltd policy) and a string of this is then downloaded into your Bone Generators®  to make you a Love, Sex, Friendship Magnet – a charismatic, well loved sex machine.   Its as simple as that as long as you have the Sublime Good®  process to break all westerners to make the Bone Psi-Master elite have the Sublime Good®  benevolence of trademarked far future technology.    Under the influence of Psychotronic generators®  love can be attracted but you need to collect it unless you have the Tim Rifat Psychotronic Crystals®  double psychotronic generators the psychotronic generator®  goes bad on you (See Warnings).

The Sublime Good®  process allows you to dump all the evil in your life past, present and future on the rest of the West so unlike all other processes the worse your love life, friendships, sex, the more you have to invest as the Sublime Good®  process trades all your negative love, sex and friendships in exchange for Sublime Good (no negative parts and pure good positive) love, sex and friendship so the loser in love gets a super head start over his/her more successful competitors, as he/she has more to dump so therefore can upload by the Sublime Good®  process a much greater amount of Love, Sex and Friendship.

To use this service you simply visualise all negative love, sex and friendship events and then count them as your investment.   Like any Hedge Fund this Bone Generator Service then automatically uses your negative energy investment in love, sex and friendship and gives you an equal amount of Sublime Good energy to manifest Love, sex and friendship in your life.   To get more simply dump more negative love, sex and friendship events from friends, stars you have read about in tabloid testimonies into this service as your investment and you get the Sublime Good®  positive energy from these people downloaded into your Bone Generators®  to manifest love, sex and friendship in your life.   So you can vicariously boost your love, sex and friendships by using the evil gutter tabloid’s media and whinings of friends and colleagues about spouses, partners…A win, win, situation for you and since you dump the evil from these people you are helping them to offload evil in their love lives – a good Samaritan that benefits from all the trials and tribulations of the love lives of others.


You can use all the historical broken love affairs, failed sexlives, broken friendships you have read or seen on the television and use them as your portfolio of Sublime Good®  debt to use all collateral to get an equal amount of Sublime Good® :-


    Love, Sex and Friendship energy, Hyperinfinity, agglutinising force, life        

    force, sexual energy, charisma, sexual magnetism…to make you the     

    alpha male or female in your group, improve your marriage, partnership

    or dating…Only the Sublime Good®  process uses your failures to boost

     your future love life, to top that you can use the failure of anybody you

     know or read about to boost your sex life, love life, friendships…


As  Psi-Lord Ltd owns the Psychotronic crystalware®  process to put the Sublime Good®  process on your hardrive so your computer generates love friends to boost your love, sex, friendships, you can use the  ubiquitous computer in your home, or your mobile phone to act as a psychotronic crystalware®   love machine to change reality to bring you: love, sex and friends.

Just download the certificate that is sent to you 156 x on your hardrive or on your phone memory to produce the torsionic solitons for love, sex, friends- psychotronic crystalware® .   All this comes in the price so you can


$600 with Certificate