REAL VIRTUAL HEALTH/FITNESS SUBLIME GOOD®  BONE GENERATOR®  (with free psychotronic crystalware to convert your computer and mobile phone to produce health and fitness torsion fields tuned only to you.)


The health and fitness industry is a multimillion dollar corporate box in which the only way to get healthy and fit is to be young, eat designer foods and go to super expensive gyms.   If like myself you are ‘50, hate trendy fitness centres (where you can catch virus and bacterial infections – don’t mention athlete’s foot or verrucas), loath the latest craze in healthy macrobiotic food

and remain unwilling to pay fortunes for the above.   Conversely love to eat cakes, dairy products such as ice cream (non American GM Franklin Gov poison I live in the EU where GM foods are not mandatory unlike America) or any damn thing I fancy!   I find I’m too busy being successful for hours in a gym, yet haven’t middle age spread and am fit and healthy, the best of all worlds.   I feel there are many successful older people who would like to benefit in my exclusive psychic power technology, the basis of psychic powers.   The website for the well off older individual who wishes to take advantage of Tim Rifat’s scientific breakthroughs in mind over matter research.   Think thin and fit and lo and behold you are thin and fit – as long as you have the technology to manifest your mind over matter.   Where Sublime Good®  Bone Generator®  Service differs from other Body Augmentation Services is that it requires no energy effort on your part all the work is done for you.


You simply install the psychotronic crystalware on your hardrive by  copying the certificate sent to you 156 x on your hardrive by scanning…Once that is done the computer hardrive acts as a Real to Virtual psychotronic crystal®  with your body being the bioparticle psychotronic crystal®  so all the people on the internet get the health and fitness subtracted from them by their computer hardrives, as all computers are linked by the internet via NSA,GCHQ 24/7 monitorings so your psychotronic crystalware®  infects all western computers.   Luckily the Chinese have their own isolated internet and as this site is hosted in Russia all Russians are excluded from the health, fitness debt as is Psi-Lord Ltd Policy.

So the psychotronic crystalware ®  uses the Sublime Good®  psi-technology exclusive to Psi-Lord Ltd where your toxic negative physical energy is sucked out of you rather like quantum mechanical liposuction and downloaded into all Western internet users.   This is your take money investment in the Sublime Good®  process, in that an equal amount of Sublime Good®  positive energy, Hyperinfinity is uploaded to you via the psychotronic crystalware®  on your computer hardrive connected to westerners via the internet.   So the fatter and more unfit you are the more investment you have to jumpstart the process.   For the older fitter alpha female/male don’t fret, you can use the fat, ill health of your friends or any person in the media or in history books (dead or alive) simply copy their names 156 x to your hardrive – that’s all you have to do.   The Bone Generator®  downloaded into you automatically once you rent does the rest.   Self charging with no energy collection as is standard Bone Generator®  be they $50 or $1000  dollar professional Bone Generators® .  

These Bone Generators are for the successful people who don’t have the time to get into the esoteric side of Bone Generators®  but still want all the benefits – their cake and eat it!


The real virtual science (from RV Science...enables the physical body to be made virtual from real).   The technology of the Illuminati now sequestered and the property of Psi-Lord Ltd.   So in effect your matrix body is rebooted in the matrix mode (real from virtual RV Science) but instead of ill and old it is now healthy and younger looking.   Sequestration of the matrix allows the good points of real virtual science to be used to change your body as a virtual entity to enable miraculous health, fitness changes with no effect on your part simply by reprogramming the matrix that runs the West, as if you were a supervisor, so you get fit and younger just by being in the Western matrix, as Psi-Lord Ltd now has control of the programming and energy thereof so like a cartoon character  (virtual) you can do and  be fit and healthy.


$600 with Certificate.