Sublime Good®  technology as created by Psi-Lord Ltd transformed human affairs, now you can dump your negativity on the target using Sublime Good®  Bone Generators®  and upload all their purified sublimed positive energy into your chosen, designated user.   So in this  Trading Bone Generator®  Service you designate the: companies, lands, shares, stocks, derivatives (almost all of them) currencies, commodities (almost none of them due to the dollar implosion) you are going to break, short so they lose value and the totality takes the negativity from the designated user you wish to make long) to raise its value using the shorted targets to supply the energy.   Unlike other services this Sublime Good®  Bone Generator Service robs Peter (the shorted targets you break) to pay Paul (the longed targets you make using the shorted targets energy as you dump the make good user’s negativity on the poor targets)   This is the core competency of  the Sublime Good®  process controlled, credited and owned by Psi-Lord Ltd that allows the break to make process actuality.  

As one might envisage this gives Psi-Lord Ltd full spectrum dominance on the financial markets.

Up until now all western users were being used in the Break mode, now with this rental service the home investor can make trading at home work using short for long Trading Bone Generator®  using Sublime Good®  technology.   If you are a Trading house POA, confidentiality agreements

Apply as Psi-Lord Ltd does not wish to be seen to be involved in the markets to save on energy.  


To use this rental service you simply choose 13 targets to break, to drop their future value and choose one designated user to benefit from their demise by making its value rise to benefit your trading.   To use write down the 13 targets using your left hand Bone Generator®  and place your left hand over them to upload their positive energy.   Then in your mind’s eye write the end user of this positive energy with your imaginary right hand Bone Generator® .   To dump the negativity in your end user write out 13 targets again with your right hand Bone Generator®  on paper, next to the original 13, to the right of the originals to change the past to poison the future for the 13 targets using, the Sublime Good ®  poison the past to poison the future technology.   The Zionist thirteen Illuminati families control all the markets by use of 300 Trillion dollars they hold in offshore trusts, Rothschild institute, Rockefeller Trust.   This means that stocks and shares rise 400 points in a day as gold collapses because, the dollar is in crisis because of a quadrillion derivative debt – the complete opposite of what would happen if the 300 Trillion Zionist dollars wasn’t used to manipulate the market and the Rothschild banks: Federal Reserve

European bank had not printed 1.3 Trillion dollars of new paper money funded by the indentured servitude of the westerners giving up real property to fund this.   One can see the real power of Psi-Lord Ltd is controlling the 13 Illuminati families via thought weapons so that all their countermeasures

Such as printing 12 trillion to put worthless paper dollars into circulation to support Fanny May and Freddy Mack as well as efforts to ruin their competitors the: Chinese, Russian, Venezuelan, Iranian, Zimbabwe. North Korea by fiscal warfare are in reality proactive thought weapons using the Illuminati host to manipulate the money markets in the more complex Psi-Lord Ltd Sublime Good®  mode possess the Illuminati and the quadrillion derivative debt becomes uncontrollable as derivatives are the long con perpetrated by the Illuminati bankers on the non Western world to finance Western growth by imaginary derivative growth using imaginary money via the Japanese carry on trade to buy real things.   Now with the Sublime Good®  technology the market system of the Illuminati has a hidden possessor that controls the markets by controlling the thoughts of the Illuminati bankers to tell them up is down, long is short, derivatives are real money …whoever directs this possession thought weaponry controls the money markets.   Every Illuminati countermeasure follows the make to Break Sublime Good®  Bone Generator®  imprinted on them as the Anti-dollar Illuminati Pyramid Bone Generator® , Sublime Good®  services.   Now you can share in the profit by draining the 13 powers of western finance against their will to make trading work for you by manipulating the manipulators to control trading, blind the Illuminati eye then beam them your own virtual reality pictures!   In the process you profit by controlling the Illuminati.


$600 with Certificate.