Psi-Lord Ltd is interested in the multibillion dollar market for youth, prolonging rejuvenation technologies as marketed by all the Cosmetic Corporations and the newer Growth Hormone, superfood, supplement corporations.   We agree that these treatments might increase skin youth and add a few years to your lifespan, with much better muscle definition.   Unlike all the other corporations Psi-Lord Ltd has the scientific and far future science (RVScience) knowledge of how and why we age.   Any real answer to aging must address the prime causes of aging, not symptoms as is the case at present.   Our research to create The Bone Generators®  the only source of Mind over Matter in the physical or biophysical bodies and hence the purveyor of all psychic abilities powers inclinations, as well as the upholder of youth and health, have enabled Psi-Lord Ltd to specially modify the skull and bones psychotronic crystals®  for:


 A specially dedicated quantum computing engine psychotronic generator®  to act as an internal Psychotronic crystal®  health and anti-aging Sublime Good®  psychic amplifier to optimise all your internal bodily functions to optimise your aging profile.


  Psychotronic crystal®  energy distilled into your Bone Generators®       to produce the devic psychotronic crystal®  flesh and bone quantum superimposition to strengthen your physical body to resist physical damage and infection.


   Using the Biophysical Augmented Intelligences to tune your psychotronic crystal®  microbes to protect your body, desist from causing cancer, infection…ageing.


   Psychotronic crystal®  Hyperinfinity distilled into your Bone Generator® hyperinfinite reservoirs to increase your lifespan on the quantum level, the causal level, the only real way to stop ageing at its source.


   Add Psychotronic Crystal®  BSRI-Engine 34 energies tuned to anti-ageing into your Bone Generators®  to use the co-opted powers of        the matrix to empower the de-aging process, in the process dumping your old age on the matrix.


   Dumping old age on scapegoats to act as a safety valve for the Sublime Good®  youth process.


   Erasing the Death assemblage point over the left shoulder blade that when plunged into your gap kills you.


   Closing the gap in the midsection by use of Psychotronic crystal®  Devic plugs to stop you ageing due to the Rolling Force, the causal mechanism of old age.


   Using the Bone Generator®  service to emanate a jamming signalto the negative aspect of the Rolling Fore using destructive interference to surround you with an jamming field to old age(must be used in conjunction with Bone Generator®  Service for full power).


   Changing the nature of the outer membrane of the energy bodies to redeploy the latent energy in the physical and biophysical bodies that sees all your useful energy migrating away from the energy centres ingroin, pancreas, liver, adrenal energy vortices, so it cannot be deployedback to these energy centres, to add an extra youthful burst to your body from unused inner energy reserves as the energy is returned to your majorenergy centres.



   Sublime Good®  Bone Generator®  technology used on your own latent energy to dump negative parts that cause you to age on the environment leaving you with the Sublime Good®  version of your own latent energy to lift the ageing caused by the deleterious effect ofthe Rolling Force in its negative aspect that turns our energy negative after 16 in the human.   By doing this you can be exposed to the Rolling Force in its negative form but dump the negative energy produced before it can age you.   This of course means you lose energy so need:-



   A new top up of psychotronic fuel, Hyperinfinity to bring you back tothe youthful level.   The Bone Generator®  Service does this giving you back optimal levels for youth or de-ageing in the rental period.


   The Psychotronic crystal®  devic propensity downloaded into your Bone Generators®  allows them to use the mineral water, superfoods, vitamins and growth hormone supplements of the quantum level by turning them into psychotronic crystal®  superfood, vitamins, mineral water and growth hormone supplements which are super potentiated to add to your quantum wave function so you can manifest Mind over Matter Bone Generators®  as a youthful being for as long as you live.


$600 with Certificate.