We all know that the Anti-dollar Illuminati pyramid service broke the dollar and Rothschild banks so they had to print Zionist paper to rob the masses.   Now Psi-Lord Ltd can market a rental only Sublime Good Break to Make my Business Service, to you the small man (Corporations, P.O.A).   This means you simply name your competitors and Psi- Lord Ltd (Tim Rifat is a trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) receives your E-mail list of competitors and then strips them of all psychotronic fuel mainly as money energy, Hyperinfinity and Agglutinising Force to change their time, past, present and future to failure, downloads all their life-force orgone energy odic vedic, etheric, auric causal so they are left with nothing.   Psi-Lord Ltd then download all your negative energy…using the Sublime Good®  process, into your list of competitors so they get all your negativity en masse, its as simple as that, the entire process incorporated into your Bone Generators®  so you are a living embodiment of the Sublime Good®  break to make my business process.   Unlike all other applications of business warfare this Bone Generator®  uses the power of the competitor to power you.   So the stronger the competitor the more powerful you become.   Proof of concept was developed on the 13 Zionist Illuminati Satanist families who owned the West, Russia, Africa, South America, China…now after Tiannmen Square China is  solidly anti-Zionist, after the Rothschild coup attempt in Tibet China will support the Russians who over threw Zionist slavery,  and fought off American attack in Georgia Chavez has freed S. America from the Zionist boot and Chinese finance has allowed Africa to be itself, not a Zionist fiefdom; as the Illuminati lost world power all their power was transferred to Psi-Lord Ltd to give us full spectrum dominance in human affairs, the Sublime Good®  Break to Make concept has been proved on the former Emperor of the world the Rothschild Zionist operators of evil who now must start WW111 to keep solvent – the result their demise.


Now with all the Illuminati power transferred, the Rothschilds cannot conquer Basra, Mr. Sadr is still in control or conquer Zimbabwe, Mr. Mugabe is still in control, or surround Russia with nuclear missiles; next we have the debacle of the Iran attack by US forces…that ends in US destruction…Zionists devastated, annihilation of Israel and worse for the USA.   One can see that Proof of Concept by Psi-Lord Ltd on the Eye of the Pyramid to gouge it out and gain power allows us to duplicate this process on a smaller scale for you at bargain basement prices.   We even offer this service to corporations for much larger fees for rentals (confidentiality agreement must be signed,) as Psi- Lord Ltd does not wish to publicise a Full Scale, Full Spectrum Dominance, as it takes far less energy to carry out the Sublime Good®  process if the targets are unaware of their distillation by the Sublime Good®  process (see Bone Generator®  Service).   The ownership of the Sublime Good®  process to dump all your negativity on competitors while you get all their positive Sublime Good®  downloaded into a Bone Generator®  into you is the core competency of this service.   As the Psi-Lord Ltd owns this technology you can see that it is common knowledge that Russia has gone from a Zionist basket case to super power under Putin, while the west implodes into Bankruptcy.   With Psi-Lord Ltd having its main website in Moscow one can see that this process applies on the world stage.   Now you can apply it to your life for the yearly rental price.   This Sublime Good®  Break to Make my business Bone Generator®  is applicable to any list of your competitors, in any business field, be it commerce, retail, banking, sport, media, literacy, film…any financial pursuit.   One can see that the more powerful your competitors the more powerful you will eventually become.   It took from 1986 to 2008 to suck the Illuminati dry to empower Psi-Lord Ltd.   As your targets will be much much smaller a years rental may be enough, though if you are  a street trader and go after a top 100 corporation you might have to rent this service for some years, as the huge corporation has a lot of energy to drain before defeat but think of the reward!


$600 with Certificate.