Freeing your mind/brain from evil.

The Western population is going mad, the majority of Americans are on psychiatric medication and one third of the population enter a psychiatric prison.   One can see that the true mind of Man is under attack from dark energy matter possession as well as all manner of Illuminati mind attack, control technology.   This annual rental Bone Generator®  service is designed to give you a comprehensive thought medicine package to erase all the thought weapons, as well as the vermin that drive you mad.   Psi-Lord Ltd is the answer to all thought weapon technology having sequestered all Illuminati Satanist power.   Now all clients can have it in one package


A quantum computing engine that stops your mental chatter to bring about peace of mind.   Sublime Good®  technology used to dump the hidden madness evil in you to source.


Exorcises all dark energy matter demons, greys, insectiles, reptiloids, kabbalistic chaos gods…


Cuts  you off from all US/British remote influencing


Poisons the insectile that has eaten its way into your energy bodies so it gets turned into an anti-chaos virus that kills all dark energy matter circular force vermin like an Ebola virus…


Interacts with the nanotech biomachines sprayed into you from chemtrail US military aircraft to render them harmless.


Cuts off all Hyperinfinity in you, from use by anyone else so no negative Mind over Matter events occur and are made time-like so they do not effect your mentality and therefore can not manifest.


Gives you Bone Generators®  that cancel out the negative effects of mobile phones, Tetra.


Gives you the quantum computing engine to stop WI-FI harming you.


Hinders brain damage by Fluoride in the water.


Interacts with digital transmissions loaded with digital psycho biological drugs, mind control, to block their effects.


Destroys the effects of low level drugs in your water supply.


Cancels the psycho acoustic programming on media, CDs, DVDs, computers.


Destroys demons attached to all common articles such as music, advertising, consumer products, clothes…cars, houses.

Uploads comprehensive anti-thought weapons protocols as a quantum computing engine in your Bone Generator®  to protect you against all Western thought weaponry be it semiotics, Tavistock  mind control or black magic.


Uploads Bone Generators®  that destroy the attention deficit weapons in your mind to free up your mind so it can think for more than 20 seconds.


Cuts the psychic tethers that hold you emotionally in thrall to other people be they lovers, friends, bosses…politicians.


Destroys the effect of the possessed group mind from effecting you by use of a specialised Bone Generator®  so you can think out of the box.


Destructively interferes with all negative ELF broadcast at you by any mind control technology so your moods are not controlled by the government Satanists.


Purges you of all religions, demonic parasite possession so you can think.     

Free from any cult type of mind control.


Purges you off all military government demonic parasite possession so you can have your mind back.

The Bone Generator®  rebuilds the neural network in your Brain smashed by all the above so your brain can process your true mind.


Stops wormhole possession from demons, occultists, US/British Satanists.


Degrades all forms of negative mind control negative feedback loops set up in your mind and brain from conception.


Frees you to think thoughts not mandated by your Satanists masters.


Enables the growth of your mind and brain to its God given potential.


$600 with Certificate.