This Sublime Good ®  Inverter Bone Generator®  uses the thought Medicine Bone Generator but reverses the Sublime Good®  process so the hidden evil parts of the mind are dumped into the target to drive them criminally insane and self destructive.

It has no defence as Psi-Lord Ltd control all the technology having Full Spectrum Dominance.   You simply choose the target be it: ex partner, ex spouse, evil boss, bully, power mad politician, asshole Jock, bitchqueen…colleague, competitor.   To use you simply choose a target (one per yearly rental only, though as single target can include a corporation, market, business…) and keep it secret.   The Thought Weapon Bone Generator®  does the rest.   All Russian, Chinese, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation targets are excluded as are their allies, all other countries and western targets are fair game.   The Bone Generator®  Sublime Good®  inverter thought weapon is a strategic grade for future multitasking sequestration Von Newman quantum computing engine designed to;-


Boost mental chatter.


Sublime Good®  inverter to dump hidden evil into them to cause madness.


Drives demons, insectiles, reptiloid, kabbalistic chaos gods insane and self destructive.


Turns all US/British/Israel remote influencing to a self destructive criminally insane backwash with the target caught up in it as flotsam

So all Western, Nato, Israel remote influencers are sequestered to go mad and drive the target mad.


Drives the insectile in the targets head insane and self destructive.


Drives the chemtrail nanotech into its terminal phase to eat the target.


Dumps negative Hyperinfinity into them, so all time-like Mind over Matter is attached to them to turn all their dreams to ashes.


Amplifies negative effects of Mobile Phones, Tetra, Fluoride in water, drugs in water to maximise brain damage.


Amplifies digital TV/radio, audio frequency digital psycho-pharmaceutical mind control to drive target mad by maximising negative effects.


Drives demons in all corporate Satanist articles mad and criminally self destructive.


Boosts psychoacoustic programming chaotically.


Drives multiple personality trained Illuminati servants into total breakdown.


Downloads a  suite of thought weapons maximised to torment target.


Gives the target severe attention deficit disorder such as found in UK teenagers.


Causes the psychic tethers that bind westerners together to react negatively to the target so the pack turns on the target.


Turns the possessed group mind against the target as the target becomes  unbearable to the possessed masses.


Boosts the destructive effects of ELF (Extremely low Frequency Transmissions) found in Tetra, US ELF, Towers, Mobile phones…


Gives the target religious mania so they become obsessive compulsive cult conditioned fixated on ‘a demon is possessing me!’


Gives the target all the negative mind weapons’ effects maximised to drive them into perdition.


Destroys the neural network in the brain – causes a wormhole to hell in their brains and mind that is poisoned so it drives all evil mad!


Boosts all negative effects of mind control and negative feedback loops.


Gives them thoughts fixated on self destructiveness, criminal insanity.


Gives them the mind and brain of a Total Deathgoat Zionist torture shell.


Anyone targeting Tim Rifat or Psi-Lord Ltd gets the above acting on them!


$600 and certificate.