A detailed study of the Western wage slave shows they cannot hear, understand, comprehend anything outside the box of what they have been told is real by authority, their souls are damned, their spirit dead, their souls not in residence but elsewhere – The 12 Aeon PS- prison. This is not a normal occurrence, workers and artisans of the 19th Century were active thinkers open to new ideas, memes and metaphysics.   As late as the 1920’s spiritualism was prevalent and Sir Arthur Eddington the famous scientist espoused metaphysics.   Since  wage slaves don’t dumb down to the transgenic chimp level of beasts of burden for no reason, as humans stick to habits, memes and getting dumb, dumber, zombie western wage slave is counter evolutionary, it makes them lose survivality.   As the Psi-Lord it is a great delight  to deconstruct Judaic Satanism in its highest form as carried out by the 13 Zionist Illuminati families that own, rule the Zionist Empire called the West.   All they do is black Judaic kabbalistic Satanism so the zombie wage slave from thinking person ritual is very valuable as it allows the Psi-Master to turn any target into a controlled zombie slave as the Illuminati have done to their worker caste, as a Psi-Lord it has strategic use as improving on this dumb, dumber zombie ritual developed by the Illuminati enables the Psi-Lord to not only see how to produce western zombies on demand but take the process to its logical conclusion and produce the living manifestation of the Total Deathgoat Zionist, a criminally stupid, criminally insane, self destructive Bedlamite- a stupid lamb for the 21st Century.   Psychotronic warfare to make entire populations terminally insane and destructive to themselves.  

On the positive side it enables the Psi-Master to totally reverse the process and become super intelligent, super-sane and super self constructive – a perfect 100% Bone Generator for super self development.   The Bone Psi-Master can use this service to pull intelligence, sanity (impeccability) and success (personal) into themselves using the left hand Bone Generator®  from whomever they wish.   To use the Service to project stupid bombs (Psi-Lord Ltd does not advocate bombs of any physical nature bombs in this context means psychotronic thought weapons that are intangible – thought crimes though illegally criminalised by the UK government have no basis in the legal system so we are free from all criminalisation.   Luckily all the far future technology of Psi-Lord Ltd is thought based so it is the perfect step forward from war by use of physical material means that kill, maim bodies, to weapon systems that kill maim minds, souls and spirits.   You can imagine that Tim Rifat was intrigued to find an Illuminati mind soul spirit weapon used to turn people into the zombie wageslave (indentured for all eternity to hell in the 12 aeon Psi-prison) so he could take it to pieces and sequester the satanist technology.   It is defined by the satanic symbol of the Knights of Labour which consist of a pentagram in its devil two prongs up form surrounding, though part of a circle which defines Shekinah the satanic spirit within which is a hexagon, the spirit force, military aspect of the Star of Israel, war by use of psychic means.   The hexagram controls demons, the dead and the sex force within this is the spirit of the wageslaves, held to a certain place and time to lock the spirit in an eternal cycle of going round in circles, never leaving the original meme, idea; inside is a pentagon to use military force to hold a circle of the world to define the world soul of the wageslave (group soul) this image being white to enable good to be enclosed by the dark of the surrounding satanic symbols, then a triangle of art which over lays The North American, South American continent.   Point up in its male form to manifest male demons so all female wageslaves become masculine and the male slave has his masculinity cut off by the demons that possess him.   So we have a: pentagram ( double point upwards), black circle with the One World Order sigil, hexagon, circle, pentagon, planet earth circle with triangle of Art over America.   So we know the full wageslave process is to be completed in the Americas after the collapse of the dollar, the symbol was made in Jan 1st 1878.   So one can see the Illuminati spend centuries waiting for their Satanic spells to work.   One can see from the anti pentagram service that Psi-Lord Ltd has total control over the pentagram of Satanism, so we now control the wageslave process defined as above.   This means you simply place that symbol abbreviated  to stupid bomb over any target to totally trap spirit soul mind and body into the zombie mode – the stupid lamb sequestered from Illuminati technology and now for use on any target by Bone Psi-Masters.


$600 with Certificate.